Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A modern day 'o swashbucklin'

 A`hoy matey... I been sewin` an `ave stitched up a beauty. A shirt an vest fer our pirate-lovin` matey, t' add t' his gentleman o' fortune loot. I be headed t` walk th` plank if `t wasn`t finish `t off soon. Lucky fer me own lads, I found some white fabric fer the'r own seafarin' hearty's shirt (port o'er from me weddin' dress, shi'er me timbers! what an earth be I hoardin' 't that fer?! Fer a pirate shirt o' course!!)


Keegan was dying to deliver the new booty, so we visited our mate for a swashbucklin' play.  They made dashingly handsome pirates. While we were there, I stitched up two eye patches (the boys did inform me only the captain wears a patch, not that it bothered either of them. I suspect modern day pirates would wear sunglasses but they don't look as cool - click here to find out more about who wears the eye patch). 

The great, grand sea rover began as an electric truck, which they revved til it was three sheets in the wind, before it got slower and slower and marooned upon a tree... the trailer where they fished for dinner, taking care not to fall over the gunwales... 


...and sticks swords were a plenty, neatly tucked into their gold belts!

When we got home I had to finish off the pirate hats (well, one is, of course, still a work in progress). I came across some really neat pirate hat tutorials, and finally chose this one, which was delightfully easy to make and an absolute winner with Keegan, with his best pirate grimace!

The red, black and white stripe pirate pants were sewn up for a birthday present back in February (oh my that was a while ago), the rest of the outfit was on standby til I found the mojo for it.  I only found that last week. I have so many projects that sit for a while, before I get back to them.  

The shirt for our pirate-lovin' me-hearty was from an op-shop.  I cut the collar off, initially thinking I'd do a lace up, open front type shirt, but changed my mind and left it with the 'grandpa' style shirt collar.  The other thing, pirates have puffy sleeves.  I unpicked the short ones from the shirt, used the old ones as the template to cut the new ones. I found some white broadcloth fabric amongst my scraps, which matched amazingly well! I was so excited to find the pirate shirt pattern, which I used to work out how wide to make the new sleeves to get them 'puffy'. I probably could have made them bigger and puffier still and the cuffs a bit longer. 

Keegan's shirt was made wholly from chiffon, though the cuffs and collar needed stiffening up with interfacing. I used a size 4 shirt from his wardrobe as the template, but should have gone for one a bit bigger...oops. This one will probably fit 2 yo Nathan, who was equally happy playing with sticks and ropes and fortunately didn't realise he was out of costume!

Fair winds!

 Wee Folk Art pirate shirt UN-pattern
 From The Hive pirate hat tutorial
Modified Make it Perfect 2 in 1 shorts pattern
Scraps of chiffon, satin, broadcloth fabrics and something navy blue, I'm not sure what is was exactly; an upcycled half finished red singlet/blouse, upcycled boys shirt, acryclic felt

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So today, I will sew

I want to sew. I want to create. I love to be inspired. Today, two of my most awesome friends & 'mum buddies' have inspired me - they gave me a sewing book full of super cute kids clothes. Thank you Kate and Elke!  A delicious book for my slowly growing craft book collection (well, I only have 3, which isn't really all that many), so I've decided it must be time. Time to take the plunge and sew a bit more, sew a bit for others, maybe even sew a bit to sell. Look out markets!  

I loving walking around the markets then coming home to take up the challenge of making the gorgeous things I've seen. I've recently surprised myself with what I've created... it actually worked!  I never really have time to sew, I just omit doing the things I should be doing. But I love sewing so much more, it's an easy choice really.

Buying fabric is easy too, it's like my addiction. A bit like others have for handbags and shoes (of which I dont own many). I see it, I see it made into something, I spend half an hour deciding which patterns to get, then I get home and can't decide what to do with it. It sits for a while, I fiddle around and then don't have enough to make what I wanted in the first place. I've figured out I need to buy more length. I had a bit of a splurge about a month ago, so I have a resonable stash of usable pieces at the moment :)

So today, I will sew.