Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tofu or what's this stuff Mum? I don't like it

I'm pretty sure I've been successful in ensuring my boys dont turn vegetarian. I'm into week 4 of my 12WBT. I am loving being told what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Love it. Especially love not having to decide what is for dinner. Did I mention I love that part?

Except we don't love dinner with tofu. I was pretty keen to give everything on the menu a go, including putting tofu in our vegie stirfry for the extra calories. I think it was a universal rejection by all four in the family. A definate 'no-go'. Don't do it again. Little did I know there are different kinds of tofu. Ours was soft and mushy. eeeeww.  We had a bit of fun thinking about what my Dad would have done, had he been served up tofu. Would he have thrown it at Mum? Would he have chucked his whole plate in the kitchen sink? Or would he just have ranted a little about what is this s#*$. He's a meat and three vege kinda man. Thankfully, he wasn't staying with us Vegetable stirfry night (We don't make taco's for him either). I will try tofu again, perhaps with the firmer variety and marinated in something, though my husband has vowed that he wont touch the stuff again. The boys probably wont either. Anya ate hers without a word of hesitation.

FINALLY, amidst the exercise and eating plans, I've made it back to the sewing machine!  Late last week, I finished of this placemat for Caitlin on her third birthday. Plus, I made her a super cute 'Picnic in the Park Capelet' using another Make it Perfect pattern. Despite having the hood that she requires most garments to have, she's still warming up to it.  It isn't quite part of the furniture yet, though her mum is trying hard, leaving it conspiciously placed around the house. I know she'll love it when she ready! And I have even managed to do some of the less exciting things in my sewing pile...mending a stuffed teddy and taking up the hem on school trousers, but I finally did them .

Red Broadcloth
Red Riding Hood fabric from Spotlight
Alexander Henry Tillbrook Mushroom in Green
Pink and yellow fat quarters I picked up from the Craft Expo last year
Clear tablecloth plastic/vinyl from Spotlight

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Berry Breakfast Smoothie plus Brewer's Yeast

Uuurgh!!! I tried this, adding brewers yeast to my breakfast today (I should have snapped a picture as the smoothie looked completely awesome - I'm having another on Friday morning, so will do it then). What would most likely have been a delicious, wholesome breakfast smoothie in it's own right, became a brewery under my nose. I added the brewer's yeast to combat my dwindling breast milk supply issues. It took me about an hour to drink it. I tried to stop inhaling while I drank so I couldn't smell it so much. Have you ever tried that? It's difficult. Maybe 1 tablespoon was too much. I'm sure that's what I read... somewhere.

Milk issues...Little Anya is just too keen to watch her very busy brothers play, instead of having milk. Unless it's at 5am. I have cut her off during the night. She is old enough to go without during the night, so she will just have to wait until the morning. OK, sometimes I do feed her at 4.30am but not much earlier and preferably not til after 6am! (Am I getting fussy?). I think 90% of my problem is lack of water consumption. Back to making a star chart for me and my fluid intake.

And my 12WBT journey? I'm into week 3 already and going great guns. Food is fantastic, not a strain on the shopping budget really as most of the obscure things on the menu are already in my pantry... quinoa... horseradish cream... tamari...  hoisin sauce... pumpkin (not obscure but thanks Mum for the pumpkin last week, I used the whole thing for 'Thai Pumpkin Soup' this week)... broccolini in the garden. I looked the other day at the broccoli and thought some of it looked like it hadn't formed very big heads on it. No, it's broccolini that should have been cut weeks ago! Oops.  I have most things of the menu, except for tofu. I was about to say I don't like it, but I keep dissing all these people who post in forums for not liking things - oats, cinnamon, ricotta cheese, avocado. What is wrong with these people? Too many chips. So what I will say is, I have never eaten tofu before and am looking forward to trying it this week.

Kangaroo for dinner this week. Bit excited about that too. Not because I haven't had it, but I really like it but it's not as favoured as beef steak in my house. 

Still on food, I'm still searching for delicious low-calorie recipes. I'm going to give these Vegan Black Bean Brownies from my little celebration a go. Yes I have flaxseed meal and coconut oil, but no I don't have a tin of black beans. Dried black beans yes, so will cook them up instead.

And the exercise? Haven't missed a day yet! Running is getting easier every time. I'm actually looking forward to the next run I have!!  I have swapped some of my 'core and flexibility' days around with 'cardio' days, but I haven't missed any workouts so far. Tomorrow morning is WWW - Wake up and Weigh in Wednesday.  I'm waiting for a new Polar Monitor to arrive in the mail. Any day now. I'm using our old one, but it's being a little temperamental, which is annoying when I'm trying to track how many calories I've burned in a workout.

Since I've been so good with my program, I'm off to Athlete's Foot to buy new running shoes this week.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday in the Garden

Our vegie patch this morning, looking so so fresh and crisp. I love the droplets of water over the leaves. We've eaten all but two of our broccoli and we are now waiting for the cauliflower to get a bit bigger.

Capsicum still fruiting from summer, brussel sprout buds are forming (no doubt I will perfect the cooking of
these little things so they are edible) and the passionfruit just keep on coming. My favourite! Yesterday I made Passionfruit Curd with the abundance of eggs we had in the fridge. (No, I don't have any chooks. Yet.) The curd was yummo! I've frozen it in little snap-lock bags so I can enjoy it once I'm over the health-kick. A wander outside in the garden early today is helping keep me on track with my nutrition plan.


Plus I wanted to take a photo of my inspiration to get out and run. If my husband can run a marathon, surely I can do a bit of exercise too. The running isn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. One day at a time. 

With a cheeky smile like this little fella, who couldn't love being outside even if it is a little chilly!


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Monday, June 11, 2012

Where oh where has my little dog gone?

Well, not my dog. But my sewing. I feel like I have just been "super busy". I'm trying to fit some exercise into my daily life. That is working out well - so far, so good. But it means that my 'me' time has been a little less accessible. Plus the sewing room has also been tidied up and re-claimed for it's original purpose, our guests, so there hasn't been much time for creative energy.  The energy I have had, has gone to trying to run. When I'm not chasing a ball on a court of some kind, I find running hard. Really hard. Today I took the iPod. Magic! SO SO much easier.

What's with the sudden exercise? I signed up for the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation with a friend, so we've been eating healthy (also slightly time consuming) and sticking to a 6 day per week exercise program. The kids are quite OK with me 'doing my exercises', though are not yet keen to join in with me! One week down, 11 to go.

I can't even bake. Otherwise I'd just eat it!  I'm still trying to think up something deliciously low calorie that I can cook with the kids. Ideas??

So, next week. I will get back to sewing. I will make some time and finish off something in my half made pile. Or perhaps there is a little girl with a birthday next week, who would like something special... That'll definately get me going!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Zebra, Elephant, Flamingo

Calling all Jungle Animals, was the shout out for our little friend Isabel's first birthday party. Rather than spend time finishing her dress, so the gift was ready for her, I stayed up late sewing a zebra suit!  I had so much fun making these costumes.  My zebra loved it, he got dressed into it on Sunday morning and galloped around the house in it, checking in every so often, "is it time to go to the party yet?"

While he galloped, I made elephant ears, feet, tail and trunk for Jungle Boy #2.  Coupled with grey trackpants and a grey t-shirt from his brother's wardrobe, he was going to make a magnificent elephant. The clothes were easy to get him in. The 'elephant' attire, less so.

I can see him thinking, working out how he can get out of wearing it...

Me: "Do you want to wear your elephant costume."
N: "I don't"
Me: " Come put your elephant hat on."
N: "I don't wear hat Mum"
Me: "Do you want to wear your elephant helmet."
N: " I wear helmet Mum".

Phew... But it didn't stay on for long. The only bit that did was his tail. He couldn't see that bit.  My favourite part of his costume was the elephant feet.

He wasn't so keen on those either.  The trunk was fun for a short while.

I was impressed with my efforts until I saw Isabel in her elephant costume, which her Mum had made. Wow, it was awesome! I noticed she didn't wear her 'helmet' either.  Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera to the party, so I dont have any 'action' shots of the kids running amok in the jungle, but they all had a fabulous time.

And what about Jungle Baby #3. What was she going to be?  I saw this and decided that a simple version would do for our little pink flamingo in the garden.

I bought a metre of pink tulle for $5 from Spotlight and made a no-sew tutu, a-la-Heart Break Kids, cutting 4" x 8" strips of tulle and tying them onto a loop of elastic.  Our tutu was a bit sparse, though the effect was there. Next time, two metres at least and two colours of tulle. 

And since this little miss doesn't havea whole lot of pink in her wardrobe, it was off to the neighbour's place to raid for hot pink leggings and something to go on top.  The pinks didn't quite match, which didn't really matter. At least one person guessed she was a flamingo so it must have been OK.  I stitched eyes and a beak onto our borrowed beanie (shhh dont tell Marcia, I will unpick it before I give it back...)

What I really want to know...

Jungle Boy #1 has a 60's party at kindy. Can he do zebra stripe pants?

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