Tuesday, August 28, 2012

20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge

Definitely. I saw this 20 day challenge that The Organised Housewife has set and thought...definitely! Oh, how I wish I was The Organised Housewife. I have a friend who is and whenever I visit her, I wonder how the heck she does it. Perhaps it's just that she doesn't sew. She scrapbooks. So I can't apply the 'no-craft-mess' excuse to her tidiness and my lack of. 

Can I keep a tidy house and sew at the same time?  Surely I can. And if not, then for 20 days the house might just come first for a change.  I have got a week to finish off a few placemats, including those I should have made for my children, long long ago, before this challenge kicks off on Monday. Plus my parents are coming to stay for the weekend, so the sewing room needs to revert to the guest room, so the deadline is Friday night.

The placemats as they are today...

Back to the challenge. This is just what we (notice not 'I', but 'we') need. I can't rely on Anya to sweep the floor indefinitely with her current creep-scoot along locomotion. I think the recycled-Enjo fibre scoot-suit I had in mind is up there with using the jolly jumper to put your kid to sleep. So completely wrong, but so practically handy.  I think I should make it anyway. It would keep her clothes a whole lot cleaner.

It was only a couple of days ago I sat down with my calendar to plan out some sort of weekly cleaning schedule to get through all of the washing & cleaning on a weekly basis. Then I saw this post on Facebook. This is EXACTLY what I need to inspire me to get back on track. Who am I kidding? 'Back on track'. Was I ever on track?!! 

Twitter, instagram. Do I have to? I only just worked out how to put the button for The Organised Housewife in my sidebar. Thanks to The Crafty Cow for that. This blogging thing is extending my technological capabilities big time.

So 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home Challenge, here we come! Definitely.

OK so, the copy and paste into this blog didn't quite work how I anticipated, I'm working on it... But there is a link to your right. See. Just there. Click it. You can do it too.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Party Pants and Pop Frocks

My boys just LOVE going to parties. It means they get to wear their 'party clothes'. Plus they get to eat all that great stuff too. And bring home a party bag. Heaven forbid it there is no party bag  (I secretly love those mothers, surely they've eaten enough sugar already without giving them another 15 lollies to take home. I swear the older they get, the more lollies in the bag!)

How awesome is the bike fabric?!? I'm always on the look out for boys fabrics that aren't pirates or skulls.  

These are Keegan's new 'party pants'. He'd like to wear them to kindy too, but Mum says 'no' and what Mum says goes. So he climbs in them and runs around like a crazy 4 year old in them when he is allowed to wear them (which is often not to parties). Until he rips them climbing up a wall...now they're in the 'soon to be mended pile'. It will have to happen really soon, as he has a party to go to this Saturday and he's sure to be inconsolable if his party pants aren't ready to wear!!

 (I cropped his head from these, he was pulling a ridiculous 'fighting dancing' face...)

And this in Anya's party dress. Yes, it is another Make it Perfect Pop Frock, from the book. I'm still not sold on the colour combo, but it was hard finding a fabric, other than white, to coordinate with the fushia-magenta colour.

At the time I made this, Anya was 6 months old, so I made a size 0. I've found these patterns to be a little on the small side, so by 8 months it is a little snug, though if I loosen the elastic around the chest I'm sure we'll get another couple of months out of it. But then, I could just make her the next size up. I have plenty of this fabric left...


I did think a little dress in the middle of winter was just a tad impractical. Team it with a skivvy-long sleeve bodysuit and some tights, it's the perfect dress for crawling about (well, creeping is probably more technically correct).

While I was making Keegan's party pants, I also made these adorable pants for our little friend, Lachie, for his 2nd birthday. I love the caravan fabric. I thought if I'd kept these for Nathan, he'd want them as 'camping' pants and I just wouldn't want to do that to such a gorgeous pair of pants. Well not yet anyway. 

 I wonder if Lachie's mum is sick of the cuffs filling up with sand and grass clippings yet? I am. I need to modify the bottom, perhaps sew a buttoned 'cuff-holder' to the inside of the bottom legs, then they'd be easy enough to empty out before trampling inside. I guess I could do this to Keegan's since his are in the mending pile anyway. 

Poor middle child doesn't have any particular 'party clothes' at present. Perhaps Mummy should make him his own party pants. What I really want to make him is a quilt. So far the idea is still in my head. Nothing on paper. No fabric...yet...


Navy and brown corduroy fabric from Spotlight
Japanese Blue Bikes on Linen Coloured Fabric100% cotton fabric
Riley Blake- Andrea Victoria C7043 Fushia
Magenta, gold, white stripe 100% cotton fabric from Spotlight
Robert Kaufman- Retro Caravan on Aqua
2cm wide Elastic
Button for dress
Make it Perfect Pop Frock pattern
Make it Perfect Champion Cargos pattern, modified with fold up hem