Sunday, February 17, 2013

To Market, To Market...

I'm not going to buy a fat pig, but I am going to sell items handmade by The Toffee Tree.  Going to a handmade market to sell some of this stuff I love to make, is something I've thought 'yeah I should do that' but never really seriously considered until towards the end of last year. With such supportive, encouraging and just plain wonderful friends and family urging me, I've decided I'm up for the challenge! I am so utterly pleased that it is often from the people I least expect that I have so much encouragement!! Thank you.  Hearing your simple words mean so much.

I barely (don't actually) have enough time to sew the things I've got in my head, let along so much more. Somehow I've convinced my husband (should I start calling him Mr Toffee Tree?...he put my shelves up today) that I will be able to do it. Actually, I don't think I did convince him but he's OK with it. He's even OK with having to 'mind' the kids for a whole day!! No matter how many times I say "looking after your own children is not 'babysitting'", it still is. Perhaps my Mum will make it for the weekend so he wont have to take the kids to visit his own Mum as per usual!

Now that I have the opportunity to set up a stall at the next Perth Upmarket, I will take it. Just like being offered an awesome cream filled biscuit. Wouldn't you take it? Doesn't it look delicious?!  It'll be a real treat.

Look out for me, send your friends along, to the Perth Upmarket on 3rd March 2013. It's open from 10am-4pm.  So far, my awesome display in my head matches nothing that I actually have - prop-wise, so I'm on the hunt for bits and pieces.  I picked up a really great bargain at the swap mart for a lamp stand which will be (in the next 2 weeks) converted into a child size mannequin. Only problem here is I need a small child who will sit still for an hour. I'm not sure that there is such a thing.

At the market you will find me with my...
...personalised orders taken after March 3rd...
...See-It various sizes, Keegan calls his the "seeing-in bag", for Lego, blocks, cars, animals, toiletries, hair clips, girls things (I'm not sure what girls like to carry around yet) and anything with small bits that you want to keep together.
...Miss Mary Sun Bonnets...for little girls, in newborn-9mo, 9mo-18mo and 18mo-4yo sizes. I haven't yet made an adult size hat, sorry Amy and Heidi!!
 ... a few softies and cotton taggies (yep, no poly here, all cotton and silk tag-ribbons...can you think of a cool name for these? Loopies, Loopsy...). I'm still thinking about a softie, something old with a new twist. Maybe we'll have a kangaroo, Blossom the Possum or a sugar glider.  The sugar glider's shape would be a great comforter for bub. I even have some organic cotton sherpa that would be wonderfully soft to cuddle up with.
PLUS... a small selection of little boys and girls clothes from 9months to 6 years.
...for the boys...little ties, tuff knee shorts and party pants
...for the girls...toffee apple tunics, pop frocks, a hooded cape, a pinafore or two and some skirts.

If you have an old timber ladder hanging around in your back shed, unused I'd be happy to borrow it or take it off your hands for a while.
I'm also looking for a largish, ornate picture frame, something with fancy edges that I can paint. It doesn't need glass or a back, just a frame.
And some smaller old timber crates. I was scouring Gumtree and EBay for these and later thought that my Grandma's shed would definitely be full of vintage goodness. Pity she's not just around the corner!!

 After the Perth Upmarket, you will be able to look for The Toffee Tree on Facebook and Etsy, where I'm sure to give all my loving family and friends and followers very generous discounts :)

Photo courtesy of Elke Dous Photography

Friday, February 15, 2013

Piles of 'cut out, ready to sew's...

I spent most of Thursday cutting out little girls tops and dresses. I can't wait to sit down and sew them up!! I love some new fabrics I've acquired recently, teamed up with some I've had for quite a while.

This one would have to be my favourite. I might have to order more because I don't have much left. It is from a great online fabric store - Fabric 2 Go. Good prices for quality cotton fabrics, and yes they really do have fast shipping!

This was supposed to be a grey fabric, but it looks more pale brown-grey to me. Still cute as a button. I thought it would look cute in a little bodysuit. Maybe next markets I'll get around to something like that!

Cute jigsaws to turn into something for the boys, next week. I was going to make Nathan a quilt out of some of it for his birthday, but I'm quickly running out of time and this week have other sewing priorities! I'll save some for him though.

Nathan's Turtle Shorts...Actually these ones are a size 4, his are a size 2, but they both have turtles on the knees. Three extra layers. Tuff Nuts... or Tuff Knees...Turtle Tuff Knees...Turtle Tuffies. They have ribbing around the waist. You know how boys like wearing tracksuit pants. Kinda tracksuit-like shorts. But cooler. And not tracksuit material.

These are little fishy knees in a size 2. I may need to borrow Junior J for a sizer as my 2yo is closer to 3 and the size 2 elastic was waaaay too small for him!

Hopefully I get through that pile of tops and dresses tomorrow so there is something to show you this week!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Fantabulous Cotton Reel Rack

 I've been absent on the blog for a few weeks. I haven't been away. You'll be pleased to note I have been sewing various things... A pram liner for Olivia in her Mountain Buggy Swift. This was her Christmas present. A little belated but at least she has it now. Easy once I had the pattern right. So if you need one, I'm happy to make one for you!

 Nathan's very own 'seeing-in' bag, please with his new acquisition straight after his nap.

 Don't look too closely, I was trying something different and ended up sewing the top fabric on the wrong way round so had to unpick it. Now there are needle holes which I didn't care to stitch closely over!

Finally, more placemats...
Baxter in the Lorax, organic cotton range.

Anya got some cute navy blue with birdies that I picked up at the Craft and Quilt Expo a couple of years ago. Saving it for something special...

I did have my sister-in-law suggest leaving the plastic off the top, so you just chuck is straight in the wash between uses. I'm interested to know you think? I also wondered if something anti-slip on the back would be useful?

Now, this is the most exciting thing I've done in the sewing room in the past week. Don't you think it's glorious?! I love it. My fantabulous cotton reel rack is now mounted on the wall, with Command Velcro hook thingos, near my sewing machine. I was considering making one myself, but saw them in Spotlight for $11! Why not just buy it?!!  Today I bought floating shelves from Masters. Perhaps they'll be put up this weekend.

Now that I'm getting myself organised in the sewing room, I'm also getting myself organised to set up an Etsy store. I'll keep you posted.