Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stitchery From This Week...Placemats

Two little girls are having birthdays...aren't they lucky to have super awesome Aunties who have ordered placemats from The Toffee Tree! I've been busy sewing today, managed to finish them off tonight, photograph them and post them here!  


These would have to be close to my most favourite placemats that I've made so far. 


Especially these little woodland toadstools...I bought this fabric with a little dress in mind, but thought it would make a nice back for the blue placemat. I do have some left for the dress...to come!

This aqua-orange combo make me think 'Care Bears'!! I love it.

 I kept double-triple checking I had the spelling on this one right. I am...phew!!

The packing for camping remains unfinished business.  There is always tomorrow right. Or perhaps that'll be spent sewing something else up before we leave...

Happy Easter everyone. Don't eat too much chocolate xx

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Capes For My SuperKids

I found this red satin in my sewing stash, while hunting for greens for Nathan's Peter Pan outfit. I thought...'cape'!! With my lovely Aunty Annemarie's overlocker (which I've been lucky enough to borrow), I neatened the edges, turned the hem over, made a casing along the top which I threaded with a bit of elastic, looped it over at each end and voila, cape. A couple of buttons sewn on the boys' singlets and we have two capes!

Nathan was more interested in the singlet than the cape, so Anya tried his out, attached with a pipe cleaner around her neck. She might need a shirt with buttons too. Funnily enough, I saw a little boy at school today with a superman cape. It looked like an old t-shirt, with button holes sewn into it and buttons stitched onto his shirt. I love re-purposing!   

 The kids ran around outside, each with a few acrobatic acts to show...

Love the glasses?? They are actually Nathan's favourite birthday gift, from his Aunty Lauren and Uncle Tim. He doesn't go ANYWHERE without them!! 

Finishing up with some 'say cheese' photos.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Robots and Butterflies for 3 year olds and Peter Pan

Happy Birthday!

Nathan turned 3 on Saturday and kindly shared his birthday with his cousin Amelia. Actually, I don't think the kids were given much any choice about it, but is works well for the family to have one 'event'. Amelia had a beautiful butterfly cake amid a robot world.

And ain't this the coolest robot cake you've ever seen!! When Kate asked Nathan what colour the robot should be, he surprised me by saying green, not red, since red is his absolute favourite colour. But he did say red buttons on the tummy and blue something or others. So here is his green robot with red buttons on the tummy and a bit of blue thrown in too.

Nathan was quite chuffed that his robot had teeth. Oh, to be so easily pleased.

Our robot games consisted of smash the robot pinata and a robot arm lucky dip, using one of those cheapo snapper - grab-it mechanical picker upper toys. All of the kids had a turn and loved it!

I know that's probably a bit hard to see, but you get the idea!

This is Nathan in his Peter Pan costume which I made for him, for his birthday. Amelia received a Tinkerbell dress, which I'm hoping she will let me take photos of her in to show you. It's pretty awesome!  For a tutorial on making your own costumes visit Make It & Love It.

Bit blurry but he looks every bit as excited as I was about being Peter Pan!

Robot Cake made by the very talented Kate at Groovytater Catering.
Butterfly Cake made in the kitchen of Amelia's exceptional Mum.

Hunters here:
Yes, Peter Pan will never stop believing!

"In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf"

👑 O

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Perth Upmarket March 2013

My first public appearance at the Perth Upmarket was a great opportunity for me, I had fun, it was successful and all that I hoped for.  I learnt a few things about running a market stall and am sure it is only going to get better from here!  I was nestled between The Little Green Project and Kangaroo Kookies, who make dog and cat treats. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly my fussy cat doesn't like the kookies I bought home for her. Fortunately I have a 16month old who is partial to the odd cat biscuit!  The Little Green Project make terrariums with lego men or dinosaurs or toadstool scenes inside them. Very cool.  I want one!

Here is The Toffee Tree, all set up ready for trading.

This cape stopped many market-goers....and the skirt I made to go with it as an afterthought was the second item I sold of the day! Perhaps I should have made another!!

 A lady from notinshops.com.au stopped for a chat about a new exclusive online store that is being created, stocking distinctinve and unique children's products. These personalised placemats caught her eye and thus I've been invited to apply as a retailer. Neat, huh!? And what a great idea for an online store.

The Toffee Tree Etsy store is open and I've listed almost all of the items I have in stock, plus a few spots for custom orders. I have a few orders to fill this week, so back to the sewing room for me. I spent last week cleaning, vacuuming threads from carpet (urgh) and generally tidying up the whole house from it's fortnight of neglect!

The Toffee Tree is finally into a world that doesn't consist wholly of family and friends!

Friday, March 1, 2013

SeWIng MAdNesS

That's really the only way to describe what has been going on in my sewing room for the past two weeks. It has consumed much of my days, most of my nights and given me a great deal of satisfaction to achieve so much.

I feel a little like Robin Hood and his band of merry men. Only with women, and we've not been taking things but rather making things. I've been so so fortunate to have such fantastic support from my friends, many of whom have stepped in to help me over the past two weeks from simple things like bringing dinner (we've had our months work of take aways during the past week), minding the kids for a few hours (or all day), ironing interfacing, cutting a bazillion circles, picking up things from shops, taking glorious photographs of the things I've made (no surprises here who that was!), giving me hours and even days of their time. Thank you my dear friends, you know who you all are.

What do I have to show...Here is a sneak peak of what is on offer on Sunday at the Perth Upmarket.

  ...a wild assortment of children's accessories and clothing...

...I am officially taking orders for personalised placemats...

 ... Princess and the Pea...

   ...Super cute, stay on Miss Mary sun bonnets for girls up to 4 years old...

...See-It sacks, both Mini (13cm diameter) and Maxi (30cm diameter) sizes. The Maxi fits perfectly into an Expedit Ikea Cube. Cool, huh! (This it a little one though. I hadn't finished any Maxi sized bags when my photographer took all of these stunning shots.)

 ...and a selection of one-of-a-kind children's clothing.

My poor kids want to keep most of those pants and shorts for themselves! Keegan was having trouble deciding which he'd like me to make for him next week. Dino pants or the puzzle pants...?? Decisions!!

For all my lovely friends, who ask when I'm going to sell things online...the time has come. My Etsy Store is now open, stocked with the bare essentials. What is Etsy? I hear you asking. An online market place. The Toffee Tree shop takes custom orders for personalised placemats, See-it Sacks, one of a kind children's clothing, bonnets, along with whatever else I dream up.

I'll fill it up a little more next week, but I would absolutely love it if you could share your love for me with your family and friends.

You can also like The Toffee Tree on Facebook.

Shop on Etsy.

Follow me on Twitter. Actually not really. I haven't got there yet.

Visit the Perth Upmarket site to see what else you might see on Sunday. 170 stall holders. That's a lot of really cool, Western Australian made stuff. Better still, visit the real thing on Sunday between 10am-4pm at UWA Winthrop Hall. I have lovely outdoor verandah stall adjacent to Winthrop Hall.