Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A sneaky peek...

I just had to share this little sneak peek with you all. It's very exciting. It's is nothing like the photos taken this afternoon by the talented Elke of Elke Dous Photograpy


Clothes from this range will be on the rack at The Toffee Tree this Sunday at Perth Upmarket, UWA 10am- 4pm.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First time offers at Perth Upmarket...

Available for the first time at UWA on Sunday...

Organic cotton romper (size 0 or 9-12 months), made from beautifully soft 100% organic cotton fabric and organic cotton lace trim. With some cute little wooden flower buttons. I love these buttons, you might have noticed them popping up elsewhere!

Organic cotton cuddlies for babies (a.k.a. taggies, tag blankets)...yes even the ribbons are organic cotton, from Near Sea Naturals.

One has a maple teething ring (sealed with organic beeswax and olive oil) and there is one plain one.

And oh, I love (LOVE) this little sweet organic cotton sugar glider (some may say rat but you can use your imagination!), he has a few organic cotton ribbons and teething ring on his tail. Do you think I should name him? Or maybe it's a her...what do you think. Leave a comment below, even if it's easier to be anonymous that's completely ok!!

I will list these on Etsy after the Upmarket, if they aren't already snapped up for being so adorable.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Long Pants for Cute Boys

As promised, here is a sneak peek of some boy clothes.

Teal dino pants with plenty of pockets in Size 4

On Ya Bike Teal cords in Size 3

Teal cords Elephant Tears size 2...yes these could go on a girl, with that elephant top from yesterday. I think they are equally as cute for a little boy. The great thing about these pants is the extra life you out of them by rolling the cuffs down when your little one gets taller. 

Brown corduroy 'Monkey Magic' roll up cuff pants size 1, patch pocket on the back. These have the same roll-down-as-he-grows-older cuffs.

Blue and brown check pants with roll up cuff and side pockets, size 0. I'm still looking for the perfect buttons for the pockets...

Not just pants on offer, I also have a couple of hooded jumpers in size 3 and 4.

And a whole stack of Mister Chester ties, in a whole stack of colours. You will just have to come along on Sunday to the Perth Upmarket at UWA to see those!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Warm Dress for Little Sprouts

Something warm to go on the rack at the Perth Upmarket next Sunday... Little Sprout dresses (pattern from  Make it Perfect). A cotton outer, lined with flannelette make these dresses snuggly and warm and perfect for playing outside in the cold. Or waiting for your big brother to finish football training.

This would have to be my favourite item. Grey with little yellow leaves. I wish I'd made it in Anya's size so she could keep it, but alas some other lucky little girl will get it. It is a size 0, though I'd say best for 6-9 months old. 

A size 2 Green Little Sprout Dress. I have found the sizing on these patterns to run on the smaller size, this dress is a good fit on a regular sized 19month old, with a bit of room to grow into. So perhaps it is right in saying it is a size 2. It would probably be a bit small on a 2 1/2 year old though.

This one is lined with a pale blue flannelette, with sweet little birds.

Both of these dresses have warm flannelette pockets.

I know I said yesterday I'd be back with boys clothes, but I'm still finishing them off and am yet to take some photos, so check back over the weekend.

Any special requests for items in a particular size? Please let me know!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Robot Girl Geranium Dress

This robot fabric choice was a team effort, Nathan chose it for me to make something for him out of and I thought 'that will make one cool dress'!  I recently bought the Geranium Dress pattern by Made by Rae and have already stitched up a few Geraniums, which will go on the rack at the Perth Upmarket next weekend (yikes!!!), so figured I'd stay on the bandwagon and make a couple more.  The Robot Girl dress is the 18-24 month size, a good fit on Anya at 19 months, but if she gets much bigger around the chest it may be a bit snug.

There was a coordinating tool fabric which 'we' decided to get too, me thinking it would be the skirt to the robot bodice. It was a bit much together, so I went with a plain drill skirt for my Robot Girl. Perhaps not a great decision because it creases mightly easily but on the upside watermelon juice becomes near invisible on it, so maybe it is good? 

Daddy's Little Helper dress is a size 18-24 months. I haven't added the snaps on the back yet, so will position them further out to allow for a 2yo chest (...big shout out to Sam from Booloo Babe here for 'lending' me her snap press! If you're in the market for Modern Cloth Nappies, Sam is super helpful).

I'm not big on ruffles. Some are OK but let's not go overboard, hence why I decided to leave them off these dresses (and I think they look great without them anyway).

I should mention that the purple butterfly and teal elephant geraniums are actually tops, not dresses, which is why they are so much shorter.

Like my little clothing labels? Cute huh!


Like how I pointed out my clothing labels, so you didn't notice that the teal elephant top was creased :)

The Geranium Dress is good for swings and slides too, not just running away down the garden path. 

I'll be back tomorrow with another sneak peak of some more little girls and boys clothes for sale at the Perth Upmarket on Sunday 23rd June.