Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Picnic with Handstands, Little Red & William Tell...A Photo Shoot

Armed with a gorgeous range of Little Red Riding Hood fabric from Fabric 2 Go , I set to work. In no time at all I had sewn up this little range. Just a little warning, this post is a little picture heavy, but they were too fabulous to not share with you all! A huge thank you to Elke at Elke Dous Photography for capturing these beautiful moments.

Little Red and some friends met us down at the park, one chilly afternoon to pick apples and have a picnic. We invited a wolf. He didn't show. But several brothers eyed off the picnic for some time before devouring their own, in another part of the wood. Yeah, yeah, I know we don't have woods here in this suburban life. Don't spoil my story. The girls huffed and puffed and down fell the apples.

They filled their basket with apples. Or bitten apples. I don't think it was the wolf who bit them either.

A supercute girl for a supergirl Little Red cape. I have slightly modified this Picnic in the Park Capelet pattern by Make It Perfect to give it a deeper hood.  The thing I love about the Aqua Scallop knickerbockers (my own pattern) is they fit 18mo Anya as pants right up to a 4yo as shorties.  This little Miss wearing them here is 3.

That wooden button. My fav bit.

These girls are great friends. Sharing happy moments. I hope they remember a bit of this day when they're older.

Frolicking in the afternoon sun. The capes are completely reversible, you can see a white one below with the lining on the outer.

Someone, in her Frothy Skirt must have spied the Big Bad Wolf and kept running away.

The girls played silly games.

Giggled over afternoon tea.

This is the Little Sprout Dress, another Make it Perfect pattern.  I fell in love with this dress, made from the grey floral Little Red Riding Hood fabric and lined in a green polka dot flannelette. So kept it for my own little girl. It is totally too big for her, but she'll grow it to it. She wears it now with the sleeves rolled up.

I feel like calling these the Hi-Heidi Pants! They are high waisted sailor pants from the Spring 1/2011 Ottobre Magazine, made in the gorgeous grey floral Red Riding Hood Print.

Picking four leaf clovers in the Tea Party Skirt. Yet another easy, quick to sew Make It Perfect pattern. Perfect for today's fairy tale, tea party photo shoot.

Finally, the Miss Mary Bonnet. This bonnet is a winner, with a great sized brim for keeping the sun off sweet little noses and ties under the chin to keep it on the head. The perfect hat, if I may say so myself.

Most of these items are available for sale in my Etsy store. Custom orders are available for these items too, because I ordered more fabric. Couldn't help myself.

Photography - Elke Dous Photography
The Toffee Tree - Miss Mary Bonnet 
Make It Perfect patterns - Frothy Skirt, Tea Party Skirt, Picnic in the Park Capelet (Little Red Cape) from the Make It Perfect book, Little Sprout Dress
Ottobre 1/2011 High Waist Sailor Pants
Little Red Riding Hood fabric range by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake - Little Scallops Aqua, Little Floral Grey Little Main Red.
Red Homespun and Kona solid

I receive no incentives from Fabric 2 Go or Make It Perfect for mentioning them, I just love what these lovely ladies have!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Kids Clothes Week is here again!

KCW is back for it's first ever Summer Kids Clothes Week.  Unfortunately, it is so far from summer here I can't even begin to think about summer clothes for the kids just yet. And um, I'm actually not sure if there are 'rules' so to speak, saying 'thou must sew summer wear'. I'm not anyways. 

I should mention here, that I only realised that KCW was upon me on Saturday night. Which gave me about 10 minutes preparation time (whilst packing for our week away on the farm). On Sunday morning we jumped in the car for the nine hour drive from Perth to my parent's house, past Esperance. It only takes 9 hours if you stop for 45min play breaks. Twice. Otherwise, my champion children were impeccably well behaved for their Mummy on the drive.

I threw in a bag - my fabrics, patterns which I had traced off weeks ago and scissors. I stopped short of taking my sewing machine. My Mum has a trusty old Husqvarna. No overlocker. Decided I'd be OK without that. This KCW, seams will be finished the good ol' way. Zig zag.

So. Sew. This week will see a couple of hoodies for the small boys. They have chosen (with only the slightest amount of persuasion) their fabrics. I have cut and tomorrow shall sew. Actually, the one for Keegan is a lightweight cotton denim, pretty thin, so I'm thinking of lining it with flannel fabric. I might have to go to town...

While I was cutting, Keegan snipped ever so carefully (OK, I did do the first couple for him, but he is really clever) and made this really cool fabric collage. Party boy, friends, tree, fireworks, the sun. Like I said, clever huh?! I especially like the TV in the tree. And the belts. Perhaps the gluing bit might happen tomorrow. If your kids (and you) are bored over the school holidays, or just want to keep kids busy while you're sewing, give this a go. I'd say 5 and up. There is no way I'd let my 3yo loose with a pair of scissors!

And since we're enjoying the sunshine at the farm today, this is what else we got up to...


There was also an amount of puddle jumping earlier. No-one came home with dry feet, despite the gumboots.

The winter view into Mum's backyard -  vegies, lemons and lots of greenery.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Undies...knickers...jocks..for the kidlets

Crazy, some might think, to toilet train a 20 month old. I've done it before. I'm an expert now. Right. (nod). Forever taking her nappy off, happy to sit on the toilet for wees, so off the nappy stays I say. Next comes the need for undies...knickers...nic nics. We all know (if you have ever had a 2 yo) that the smallest jocks (with 2 boys I'm forever calling knickers 'jocks', only to be corrected by the boys), I was saying...the smallest jocks you buy are too big for the smallest bottoms.

I saw a pattern AGES ago for kids undies. Somewhere. So I searched Etsy and yay, I found it! That Darn Kat makes this pattern for sizes 2,4,6,8. Is the size 2 going to be small enough for this wee bot? (No pun intended!) I figured that I would use the other sizes too at some stage. Plus, I know another little girl with undie dilemma's right now, so these might be her perfect fit?

And guess what?!  The size 2 are a perfect fit for this mini bum. Actually, it's probably not that mini for her age, just size 2-3 undies fall down around her ankles. With her pants. 

I'm wondering if the leg fabric is a bit tight. I might try some more with looser legs. She has chunky thighs like someone else I know.

I found the fabric in Spotlight of all places! There is rarely any nice cotton knit fabric. Nathan chose some spots and clouds for his jocks. Time will tell how well this stuff lasts. Hopefully 12 months!

I also snipped up a few old t-shirts and bodysuits of hers. I wasn't quite ready to part with them, or chop them up for the rag box. But re-purpose. No problem! There is one pair here, which is on it's second repurpose. My shirt plus her onesie-come her dress-come her undies. How neat.

That is the pile of undies I have got left to sew up. A few size 4 and one 6 thrown in there to see if it helps rid Miss A of her wedgies.

That Darn Kat  childrens undies sewing pattern
Cotton lycra for waist and leg bindings from Spotlight
Cotton jersey knit from Spotlight
Repurposed t-shirts and bodysuits

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New fabrics for bonnets and capes and other delightful things

My latest fabric mail from Fabric 2 Go. I love this shop! Yes, you do see a pink fabric there. Shock horror! I don't buy much pink stuff (my philosophy is that if you want pink, there's plenty at Target). But because I'm keeping up with customer demand, I did promise bonnets in pink. 

So here is what is (in my humble opinion) some cutesy pink. And some cutesy yellow.


The yellow is from the same range as this yellow Little Sprout Dress, which is available on Etsy (it's a size 0 if you were wondering). The bonnets are there, too!


 Also in my haul is some gorgeous blue daisies and blue gingham check. Endless options for gingham check. Tiny boys overalls perhaps? Plus some spots. No particular project in mind for these. Just like 'em!

Lastly are these Little Red Riding Hood fabrics. Designed by Tasha Noel for Riley Black, this was the fabric range I used to make a number of outfits out of recently (the big blog post on that photo shoot is still to come!), so now have a bit to spare for the orders which will come flooding in after you see how adorable these girls are! Plus I just liked the aqua one so I got more of that so I don't run out. Problem? 

A teensy weency preview of what I hope to share next week with you all...
 I receive no incentives for mentioning Fabric 2 Go. They just have great service, great fabric and I love buying from Australian retailers.