Friday, August 30, 2013

This Moment.

Stealing a moment to follow along with Soule Mama today

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Boys Only Showcase...handmade stuff just for the little guys

This is, my contribution to an exciting Boys Only Showcase. It's like a market week. On Facebook. First to comment 'sold' wins.

Starting this coming Monday (26th August), check out the Audrey Elizabeth Facebook page to find the Boys Only Showcase for some very cool, funky boys stuff. It's not all clothes, there are handmade blankets, bibs, bunting, toys, room decorations, amongst stacks of other things. And it is all just for the boys.

A super cool back pack! Jeepers, I think I want one myself. There are plenty of things for budding superheros... superhero blocks . I know some superkids who would love superhero blocks, to go with their superhero memory game (from Mollydag Made.) 

1. "Billy" Backpack in Avengers fabric by Sew Adorable Australia.  
2. Superhero Blocks by Babee Blocks.  
3. Super Tom T-shirt by Two Little Monkeys.  
4. Superhero in Training print by Leegirl Pretties.

Of course, you could probably buy something for a daughter, though everything has a hint of boy to it. Like these awesome super cool retro racer shorts and T set. I would totally put my daughter in that.

5. Retro Racers by Funky Little Monkey
6. Lego Crayons from Made by Kate.  
7. Nautical Bunting & Curtain set by  Whirly Gig Kids.  
8. Tooth Tree Manor by HeartFelt Hollows.

Plus there, whales, mustaches, vintage prints, vikings, lions, stars, dinosaurs, pirates, Pinocchio, airplanes even a pony! Seriously, there is just about everything you could think of, confirming why this is a seriously fabulous idea to showcase it all together! Am I getting a tad excited? Perhaps I am!

Check out the album on Facebook to see the rest of the handmade awesomeness.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Blues and yellows...and daffodil day

Having dabbled (ever so briefly) into knitting. Having admired for some time Loani Prior's tea cosy books. Having decided I'll stick with sewing, I managed to talk my Mum, who is a knitter, into making a couple of tea cosies. She actually met and had a knitting lesson with Loani Prior at the Perth Craft and Quilt Fair. I talked Mum into making the daffodil tea cosy and with Daffodil Day almost upon us, I thought it would be apt to share it now, since she has just finished it!

Daffodil Day is this Friday 23rd August. Is anyone having a Garden Party to raise awareness or donations for Cancer research? Daffodil day helps to grow hope for better treatments, hope for more survivors and hope for a cancer-free future.

How clever!

I know it wasn't without moments of shear frustration and unravelling yarn, so we should note that the finished thing looks A.MAZING!
I fell in love with this fab little one, so of course being the loving, patient mother she is, she knitted one just for me. It is in regular use keeping my teapot  warm in this chilly winter weather. I momentarily wondered whether a mug cosy could be in order too?

Plus a little bit more blue and yellow from our weekend at the farm.

There is something magical about those yellow canola fields.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tuff Nuts...Tuff Knee Cargo Pants

These are Junior J's pants. Promised for him a whole year ago, around the time of his first birthday. At that time, he got around with one knee-one foot style crawling. Such that the left knee in ALL of his pants wore out. So I thought I'd better make him some with tough knee patches.

I caught him the other day doing the one knee crawl and realised he was still in pants with one worn out knee!  Time to get on to those Tuff Knee Cargos.

So, waddaya reckon? Cool hey! Keegan was slightly disappointed they weren't his (I still need to share my win with his tracky dacks.). He was even more disappointed when I told him I only bought enough trucks material for one pair of pants. Like, why would you do that? I know. Turns out there wasn't even enough to do both pockets. What was I thinking? Next time, I will buy more than a mere fat quarter.

My favourite part of these pants are those groovy knee patches. When Junior J wears a hole in one, you'll see a neat bright blue poking through, just like those roads.   

And the loop to hang a hammer in.  

And the waistband lining.

And the lion buttons. They rock! Plus they were the perfect match for the blue stripes.  Nathan and I had a slight clash over deciding which buttons to put on this shirt. He wanted metal ones. I really only want your opinion kid, when it concurs with mine. Kinda like: It's my way or the highway.

I wasn't totally pleased with the finish on the shirt, but overall pretty happy with my introduction into sewing with knits. I couldn't match the blue in the orange stripe fabric, so went with grey and I think I've managed to pull it off.

Oh, and the name of the pants. I'm still deciding. Any suggestions for these cargos?