Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gifts Ideas for 4 year old Boys

When it comes to giving gifts, my fall back is toys and books. Things that the kid will actually use.  Despite a recent cull, we have plenty of toys in our house and a birthday coming up. Nothing is jumping out at me. Nothing except the excited birthday-to-be-boy himself. And I really don't think he needs a(nother) remote control car, Daddy.
I have a stack of small gifts for him...
  • a book - The Very Brave Bear (loves books, we have the other 3)
  • a pair of Viking undies (such cute fabric)

  • maybe one of the Fedora Hat's I've been making (now that IS cool)
  • plus a new wallet in the making.
But no 'main' present. I'm not sure that I always received a big gift as a kid for my birthday. The best present I remember as a kid was a netball. I was so excited! Oh, and a cabbage patch doll (and that was Christmas).  There is no way I'm buying my 4 year old an iPad so don't even suggest it. Geez.

I've sewn up a few little 'big boys' cool AND useful things for some of our friends recently.


The blue cars wallet went to a 3 year old a few weeks ago.  It ended up a little too big, and I forgot to put the zip on the outside before I sewed it together, but there is still a spot inside for coins. And a tab for hanging it somewhere (really, will they even use that?!). Maybe twirling it on his finger. I was inspired by this wallet, to make this one.

Made by me...a wallet for Flynn

I'm a bit devo that I forgot to take a piccy of the next one I made, for his big brother. I loved it, especially that green zip. I'm pretty sure the big boy we gave it to, did too! I saw some on Noodlehead, but added a zip on the outside. My kids have more coins than notes. You should check this lady's blog out. She does some amazing things. 

Mister Chester ties (coming with me to Perth Upmarket on Sunday March 9)

I'm now making these in 3 sizes (0-2years, 2-4years and 5-8years), since little 5 year olds look a bit funny with a short little tie. The floral tie was chosed by Mr-almost-4 to model over the bikes! I think he has good taste.  


Fedora Hats

I'm hoping to have some more of these finished for Upmarket. The pattern is by Elegance and Elephants and I used wool suiting fabric, upcycling a suit jacket which had just enough material to squeeze the XL size out. 




These are a total winner for Mr-almost-4. He is so in love with his red rainbow belt. Mr 6 wants a Lego one, hopefully the ribbon arrives before Upmarket, so I can have a stack of these there too.

I like the sound of the 'giving experiences not toys' mantra. He really wants to go to the rubbish tip, since upon reaching 4 you are old enough, by law, to sit in a simple booster seat. The ute only takes booster seats, not car seats, so I'm good with a tip run for his birthday. I mean, Dad is good with a tip run.  

Also on his bucket list, is a trip to the Bell Tower. He wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower, but since that's too far, I suggested the Bell Tower in Perth. We will do that instead some time soon, since it's been there almost as long as I've lived in the city...and we've NEVER BEEN!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cutie Patooties ... more homemade undies

Whilst my kids don't know it's totally uncool, I'll keep making undies for them out of these fabulous fabrics (which I bought online from Crafty Mama's BTW...loads and loads of knit fabrics...). Maybe I might just have to make some for myself!


The Pattern

These first two are girls undies, made using That Darn Kat's pattern. One size 4, one size 2, since I wasn't sure whether the size 2 would still fit Miss-2. The original ones I made, here, are now too tight for her chubby little thighs!  Otherwise, the fit on these undies is great, full but coverage, no more wedgies. 

Changes to the pattern

I added a whole extra inch to the length of the leg binding strip, and fortunately (yippee) the little size 2's do fit her, coz they are ultra cute and it would be a shame to not see them running around our house! I really think that the quality of the fabric has a big part to do with the old ones not fitting - whilst they were a stretch knit, they aren't overly stretchy.  That and the chub thighs. I did make the original ones a whisker bigger around the leg too, but perhaps not enough. 


Then I made a boys size 4. Hopefully big enough for he-who-will-turn-4-in-a-fortnight.


I have more of these cut to sew, hem... when I made the first lot! Since I've deemed the fabrics crap quality, I might just scrap them and make some more viking jocks. 

I asked Mr-almost-4  if he'd like a t-shirt out of this viking fabric and he says 'nah, I just want red'. So he might not even wear these, but he's usually pretty excited about 'new' things so we'll see. Maybe he'd like this fabric better...a visit to Crafty Mamas Fabrics might be dangerous!

The Fabrics

ZNOK Fox and Owls jersey knit GOTS 95% bio-cotton, 5% lycra knit.
ZNOK " Summer" jersey knit GOTS 95% bio-cotton, 5% lycra knit.
Swafing " Gitta" Red/White
Swafing " GITTA" Orange/Denim blue 
White super stretchy jersey lycra knit from Spotlight
That Darn Kat Undies pattern

Show some love and leave me a comment today... what funky names do you call undies? Underpanticulus Maximus?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sewing for Tiny Babies

 Tiny little babies mean you get to sew little things. I love little things because they are quick.

One of my best buds, Belinda, spent a few days with me last week and she 'whipped' up this awesome taggy / cuddly / snugglepot for our good friend Wendy's brand new little boy.  I say 'whipped' up, because Bel doesn't sew, so perhaps the timing was probably not actually fast, so to speak, but rather thrown together with this bit of ribbon and that, like one would eggs into a pavlova, with the result being a perfectly crunchy pav. Or in this case, a perfectly colour co-ordinated, cuddly taggy. Actually Belinda does sew, only is usually animals, so sewing machine and fabric is a bit of a different 'medium' for her. (She's a vet, in case you hadn't caught on).

We both made the Flopsie teether. I cut. Bel sewed, I topstitched. Bel threaded the maple teething ring.  Everyone else (the bazillion people who sell these on Etsy) calls these "bunny ears teethers". How unoriginal!  I'm not sure that I will list these online, but they will be available at the Perth Upmarket at UWA on March 9.

This Flopsie teether has chenille fabric on the back (which I bought online from Fabric 4 U 2 - an Australian store- in case you were wondering). The maple teething rings (which is fabulous hard wood sealed with beeswax, so it will wear well and wont splinter in you little bub's mouth, heaven forbid!!!)...sidetracked...the maple teething rings are from Alexa Organics, on Etsy.

This is another teething ring for another bub, a little bit older and probably at just the right age now for munching on everything. This one is backed with bamboo velour, left over from my nappy and cloth wipes making days. Hopefully he likes munching on his Flopsie teether.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Little Red Cape for a Lady

Not for a girl.
For a lady. And adult lady. About 27 years old.
For my cousin Heidi, in particular. She's ultra co
ol. She doesn't need a cape to look ultra cool, but now she will look awesome ultra cool.

I drew her in the Christmas draw for gift giving on Christmas day (this turns out easier than buying 45 gifts).

Since my pre-Christmas sewing got a little busy with the passing of my Dad in late November and the general end of school and Christmas craziness, I made Heidi a minature version, a Barbie version actually of a Little Red Cape in the interim. I didn't actually have a pattern, so that bit was holding me back a little.  We were lucky enough to also draw her niece in the gift giving, so she also received a little Peepo full of Barbie clothes. Now they can play barbie dress ups together. Visit Craftiness is Not Optional for some ideas on sewing your own barbie clothes, or if craftiness isn't your thing but you'd love some unique barbie wear for a little miss you know, come visit me at the very prestigious Perth Upmarket on Sunday, March 9th, where I will be sure to have some hanging on the line.

Back to Heidi's cape.  The pattern. I ended up drafting my own. I downloaded a pattern by Fleece Fun, but it was really for fleece fabric and was quite huge. So essentially, I started again and managed to come up with this...excuse the photos, it really does look a tiny bit ginormous on a size 2 mannequin!! Should I post my pattern for adults here??

The hood is a bit big, and it doesnt really hang low at the back like that on an adult. I will update with an actual human inside this cape ASAP! 

Finally, one of my buttons, because these are slightly awesome. If you want to get your own made, check out Remember Wynn on Etsy.