Thursday, April 10, 2014

Red and Orange Shorts for Kids Clothes Week

Yesterday and today are rolled into one! I did get my hour of sewing in yesterday (OK OK, more like an hour and a half), just didn't get to my hour of photo uploading and editing and writing etc. I am please to finally say I have had success with Kids Clothes Week and proudly present to you OUTFIT #1. Never mind the fact that there probably wont be outfit #2.


Today is 'free dress day' for the last day of school (which now reminds me, I forgot the gold coin! oops!) and the 'theme' is ORANGE, since Harmony Day was celebrated earlier this term. Co-incidentally, I was making red and ORANGE shorts this week, so luckily Keegan had something orange to wear. But Mr Picky wasn't totally satisfied with of orange-ness (or lack of). I did try to explain this when we talked about the orange-stripe-down-the-side-isn't-very-orange on Tuesday, but it obviously wasn't an issue to him them. Living in the here and now. 

So, right here and right now on Thursday morning we have an issue with the lack of orange, the only other orange shirt is long sleeve (and also not very orange) and since it's supposed to be 31C today, I suggested a big splot of orange (just like Mr Plumbean, here) on his shirt but, No. An orange motorbike, Yes. Yay. I can do that at 7.45am. You have 15 minutes. Sure.  Fortunately Keegan had needed a plain black t-shirt for the Edudance concert at school last week, so that was freshly made too (with fresh dried yoghurt from last Friday afternoon).

Fast forward 30min and we have a...

who wanted to ...

and got very excited about...

Never mind those all those bandaids - every boy riding BMX needs war wounds! And actually, the yoghurt doesn't show up at all. How fortunate.

The applique pattern is from Angel Lea Designs - she has a whole bucketload of applique templates for boys and girls. The black tee pattern is the Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew, which I purchased thought the Pattern Anthology shop. I made a size 6, which was just the right size for Keegan, though I think a size 5 with a bit of extra length would still fit him, since he's a pretty skinny kid. The Coastal Cargos by Blank Slate Patterns were made in a size 6 and are a PERFECT fit for him. They are a slim fit, so I did wonder if I should go up a size, but no, these are great. I cut them shorter to make shorts instead of pants (his request), but kept all the pockets and zip fly in the mix. 

Happy enough to give me his best 'model' pose then into the car for school!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kids Clothes Week Day 2

 I made if back today for Day 2 of Kids Clothes Week! Even though it was my birthday today, I still really really wanted to get back to these shorts in my 'me time'! Some may think me crazy (in fact I know one who does) but I enjoy the peace that the hum of my sewing machine brings.

Today's hour saw welt pockets on the back, topstitching in a vibrant orange on the front and back pockets and on the fly. I've made these Coastal Cargos before and I was just as excited today when the zip worked out, just like it should, as I was the first time round.


With any luck I'll be able to knock these off tomorrow. Which means I can get back to sewing what I'm supposed to be doing. Or start another kid project?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kids Clothes Week April 7th-14th

I'm going to attempt to do a post every day this week for Kids Clothes Week! Let's see how far I get.

Today's hour, whilst kidlets had quiet time (AKA slept or watched Little Red Tractor), was cutting a pair of RED shorts for Keegan. He asked me for these only a couple of  months ago, so I'm not doing too badly. I had the pattern (Coastal Cargos by Blank Slate Patterns) traced off in his size already, so that saved me an hour. OK, maybe a bit less than an hour but the whole printing, trimming, taping, tracing saga is a PITA sometimes. The cutting and bias tape making took me about an hour before I left for school pickup anyway. So that's it for today.
Back to The Shorts.

The Red and Orange Shorts, to be precise.


Never mind those spots in there. They will be on the inside. I didn't realise he wanted an orange stripe until AFTER I'd cut the pocket linings. Last we spoke of, it was plain red. Just red. What am I, a mindreader?

The lovely gals who organise Kids Clothes Week have adopted a theme this time around - Mini Me. I'm actually not sure I'll ever own another pair of red shorts (I did once upon a time), but maybe Anya will get something 'mini-me' out of this week instead. I have no grand pipe dreams this week. Just the shorts. Maybe another pair of shorts which is already cut out! Given that the weather is cooling down, I'm not sure shorts should be that high on the agenda, but it seems to be that these boys I know don't get too cold in the Autumn.

And if you haven't come across Kids Clothes Week, head over to their blog to check out other cool mummas sewing cool stuff for their kids, for 1hour every day, for a week.



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